Mastering the Art of Humanity in Dark Souls 2: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Become Human

1. Mastering Humanity: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming Human in Dark Souls 2

What is Humanity in Dark Souls 2?

In Dark Souls 2, humanity is an essential resource that players can acquire and utilize to enhance their gaming experience. It serves as both an item and a currency, allowing players to restore their health, summon other players or NPCs for assistance, and even reverse the effects of hollowing to regain their human form.

Humanity in Dark Souls 2 is a valuable asset that can significantly impact gameplay. By consuming a humanity item or successfully assisting other players in defeating bosses, players can increase their overall humanity count. This not only restores their health, but also opens up a range of new possibilities and benefits.

The Benefits of Being Human

When in human form, players gain access to a variety of advantages. For instance, being human enables players to summon other cooperative players for assistance in battling challenging enemies or bosses. This cooperative play not only makes the game more enjoyable, but can also provide valuable insights and strategies from seasoned players. Additionally, being human allows players to invade other players’ worlds and engage in PvP (player vs. player) combat, adding a thrilling element of competition to the gameplay.

Moreover, humanity also influences the drop rates of rare items from enemies and enhances the effectiveness of certain weapons and spells. As such, players are encouraged to actively engage in activities that grant humanity in order to increase their chances of obtaining powerful gear and abilities.

How to Obtain Humanity

Acquiring humanity in Dark Souls 2 can be challenging but rewarding. Players can find humanity items scattered throughout the game world, often hidden in secret areas or dropped by defeated enemies. Additionally, successfully assisting other players in defeating bosses through the cooperative play mechanic can earn players humanity as a reward.

Additionally, using a consumable item called a “bonfire ascetic” can reset certain areas of the game, allowing players to farm enemies for humanity. These consumables are limited, so players must strategize when and where to use them for maximum benefit.

In conclusion, mastering humanity in Dark Souls 2 is crucial for unlocking various benefits and enhancing your gameplay experience. To fully explore the depths of this game, players should strive to maintain their humanity count and make the most of the advantages it brings.

2. From Hollow to Human: Strategies and Tips for Restoring Humanity in Dark Souls 2

2. From Hollow to Human: Strategies and Tips for Restoring Humanity in Dark Souls 2

Hollowing is an inherent part of the Dark Souls series, but Dark Souls 2 takes it to another level. As players traverse the treacherous world of Drangleic, they will inevitably find themselves becoming hollowed, losing their humanity and succumbing to a fate of mindless existence. However, there are strategies and tips that can help you regain your humanity and face the challenges ahead with renewed strength.

1. Embrace Co-Op and Jolly Cooperation

One effective way to restore humanity in Dark Souls 2 is by engaging in co-operative play. By summoning other players and assisting them in their quests, you earn the opportunity to restore your humanity and reverse the hollowing process. Look out for summon signs of other players and join them in their journey, offering your invaluable assistance. Not only does co-op play help you regain your human form, but it also provides valuable insights, tips, and strategies shared by fellow players.

2. Seek the Aid of Human Effigies

Human Effigies are precious resources that can halt the hollowing process and restore your humanity in Dark Souls 2. These items can be found throughout the world, often hidden in obscure locations or dropped by defeated enemies. Use them wisely and strategically, especially during challenging encounters or boss fights. By consuming a Human Effigy, you can temporarily regain your human form, granting you increased health and the ability to summon other players for assistance.

3. Defeat Bosses and Claim Their Souls

Defeating bosses in Dark Souls 2 not only rewards you with their powerful souls but also offers the chance to restore your humanity. Upon successfully slaying a boss, you will receive a humanity-restoring item like the “Humanity” item in the previous installment. Utilize these items wisely to reverse the hollowing process and regain your human form. Keep in mind that bosses in Dark Souls 2 can be formidable foes, requiring perseverance and strategic approaches to overcome.

In conclusion, restoring humanity in Dark Souls 2 is no easy feat, but with the right strategies and tips, it becomes an attainable goal. Embrace co-op play, seek out Human Effigies, and defeat bosses to halt the hollowing process and regain your humanity. By doing so, you will be better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead in this unforgiving and hauntingly beautiful world of Drangleic.

3. Unleashing Your Inner Human: Step-by-Step Methods to Becoming Human in Dark Souls 2

In Dark Souls 2, one of the main mechanics of the game is being in a state of “hollow,” which means you are no longer human. However, there are various ways to unleash your inner human and regain your humanity. This not only has visual implications, but it also affects gameplay mechanics and your overall experience in the game.

1. Use Human Effigies: Human Effigies are a crucial item in Dark Souls 2 as they allow you to restore your humanity. By using a Human Effigy, your character will regain their human appearance and be able to summon other players for co-op or assistance. It’s important to save these items for when you truly need them, as they are limited in supply. Use them strategically and only when you are ready to take on greater challenges.

2. Assist Other Players: Another way to become human in Dark Souls 2 is to assist other players in their world. By successfully defeating a boss as a summoned phantom, you will regain your humanity upon returning to your own world. This encourages cooperation within the game and rewards players for helping others. Remember to equip the necessary items for summoning, such as the White Sign Soapstone, to make yourself available for assistance.

3. Defeating Bosses and Invaders: Some boss fights or encounters with hostile invaders can provide an opportunity to regain your humanity. Successfully defeating a boss will often reward you with a “human effigy” item, while defeating invaders will grant you humanity as well. These encounters can be challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort. Stay vigilant, learn from your mistakes, and conquer these obstacles to reclaim your humanity.

In Dark Souls 2, regaining your humanity is not only a visual change but also a strategic decision. Being human opens up opportunities for co-op play, increases your chances of survival, and allows for a more immersive experience. By following these step-by-step methods, you can unleash your inner human and embrace the challenges of the game in all its glory. So gather your Human Effigies, aid your fellow players, and defeat the daunting bosses that stand in your way.

4. Conquer the Curse: Expert Techniques to Regain Humanity in Dark Souls 2

Hollowing in Dark Souls 2

In Dark Souls 2, one of the central mechanics that players must contend with is hollowing. As you progress through the game, your character’s humanity will gradually decrease, transforming them into a hollowed state. This not only affects your appearance but also has significant gameplay implications. To overcome this curse and regain your humanity, here are some expert techniques to consider.

1. Use Human Effigies

Human Effigies are consumable items that restore your character’s humanity and cure hollowing. These precious items are limited in quantity, so it is crucial to use them wisely. Try to reserve them for challenging boss fights or difficult areas where you need the extra health and resistances that come with being human.

2. Engage in Jolly Cooperation

One effective way to prevent hollowing is by engaging in cooperative play with other players. By helping others defeat bosses or successfully completing co-op challenges, you will have a chance to regain your humanity when returning to your world. Additionally, cooperating with others can provide valuable insights, strategies, and a sense of camaraderie in the treacherous world of Dark Souls 2.

3. Seek the Assistance of Pharros’ Lockstones

Throughout your journey, you will come across various contraptions known as Pharros’ Lockstones. Interacting with these mysterious objects can reveal hidden paths, activate traps, or even grant you beneficial effects such as replenishing your humanity. Keep a keen eye out for these Lockstones as they can be instrumental in your quest to break free from the curse of hollowing.

By following these expert techniques, you can conquer the curse of hollowing and regain your humanity in Dark Souls 2. Remember, maintaining your human form grants you advantageous abilities, such as kindling bonfires and summoning NPCs for assistance. Embrace the challenge, persevere through difficult encounters, and become the true champion of the game’s dark and unforgiving world.

5. Transforming the Hollow: Unveiling Secrets to Becoming Human in Dark Souls 2

In Dark Souls 2, one of the fundamental struggles players face is the constant battle between embracing their hollow form or striving to become human once again. The game’s intricate lore and mechanics provide players with hidden secrets and strategies that can help them in their journey towards regaining their humanity. In this article, we will explore some of the key techniques and tricks that can aid players in transforming from a hollow shell into a full-fledged human character.

1. Understanding the Hollow State
Before diving into the secrets of becoming human, it is essential to comprehend the hollow state and its implications. In Dark Souls 2, when a character dies multiple times without consuming a Human Effigy (an item that restores humanity), they gradually lose their humanity and succumb to the hollowing process. As a hollow, a character’s appearance changes, their maximum health decreases, and they become susceptible to invasions by other players. It is crucial to keep track of your hollowing level and find ways to reverse it to maintain a more powerful and advantageous state.

2. Seeking the Human Effigies
Human Effigies are the key to reversing hollowing and restoring humanity in Dark Souls 2. These valuable items are scattered throughout the world, hidden in hard-to-reach areas, and guarded by formidable enemies. Players should explore every nook and cranny, carefully search for hidden paths, and defeat challenging bosses to obtain these precious Effigies. Additionally, engaging in jolly cooperation with other players through online features can earn you rewards, including Human Effigies, making the journey towards humanity more manageable.

3. Harnessing the Power of Humanity
Becoming human in Dark Souls 2 not only affects a character’s appearance but also grants access to significant benefits. Restoring humanity increases maximum health, allows summoning of NPC allies for boss battles, and decreases the likelihood of being invaded by hostile players. To optimize the transformation from hollow to human, players should plan their route and timing of consuming Human Effigies strategically. Utilizing these Effigies before engaging in challenging boss fights or exploring dangerous areas can significantly enhance survivability and increase the chances of success.

In conclusion, transforming from a hollow state to a human form is an essential aspect of Dark Souls 2. Understanding the hollow state, seeking out Human Effigies, and harnessing the power of humanity are crucial steps towards achieving this transformation. By following these secrets and utilizing the hidden strategies within the game, players can optimize their journey and enjoy the benefits of being human while unraveling the mysteries of Dark Souls 2.

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